TAS Class

As part of their commitment to both teaching their peers and preparing for college, every TAS must take TAS Class. This class meets daily  to address four dimensions of TAS growth:


Learning to Teach

In order to be effective with students, TASs must learn how to teach. At the beginning of the year, TAS Class addresses topics like questioning, analyzing student work, and motivating students. TAS Class also gives TASs opportunities to take active leadership in teaching content through a number of activities, including designing work stations, creating Do-Nows, and creating review exercises.

Learning to Learn

TAS Class helps turn students into scholars by addressing issues such as academic self-regulation, goal-setting, goal-monitoring, and note-taking routines. In addition, students learn how to use resources, study for tests, and build literacy strategies.

Learning in the Content Area

TASs gain opportunities to learn more about the content they are teaching. In addition to filling in gaps in prior knowledge TASs explore content more deeply.

College Learning

Through “College Fridays,” TASs learn about the standards for admission and success in college. In these lessons the TASs set long-term college goals and explore how to achieve them. They also gain a handle on what they need to do in high school to get the most out of college.